Wednesday, September 23, 2009


today i turned in the first paper of my senior year of college. woah. it was pretty easy, though, very little stress... such a change from last year, last semester especially (i took two of the most challenging classes of my undergraduate career together in the same semester, and to be honest it's amazing i made it out in one piece!) anyway; i digress.

i can't believe it's already almost october but i'm totally loving it. this is my favorite time of years. (there are these trees down near campus, at the intersection of hillcrest&normal. during fall, they lighten up with a gorgeous burst of color. for me, they are the definition of fall. takes my breath away.) hopefully we can take the volvo up to devil's lake sometime before it gets too cold and the leaves fall... i think it's a necessity.

(the view from here--5:55 pm, cdt.)

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