Thursday, October 22, 2009


weather-wise, yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. (dare i say...perfect?)
sunny, 70 degrees. clear blue skies. it was so wonderful.

(wait a minute... is this really october?)

today, meanwhile, it was windy
and cold
and it rained.

(nice to see you haven't disappeared,
fickle fall weather.)

i think i'm starting to get sick. the photographer wasn't feeling well last night, but he's doing much better now. we'll see what happens. i'm drinking lots of orange juice and getting lots of rest.

(thinking about it, it has been a little while...
every few months, my immune system reminds me who's in charge.
usually when the weather changes. or i'm stressed.
thank you, band trips and dorm life.

sigh. i don't want to get sick.)

it looks as though this weekend will be filled with a trip to the suburbs
and working on homework:
a presentation for politics of southeast asia
and the midterm for my philosophy class.
yay homework!

i can't wait 'til thanksgiving. <3

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