Thursday, January 21, 2010


Day 21 → A recipe

so to be honest, i don't really have many "recipes." i do cook--would like to do more cooking, actually--but nothing that's really worth writing down. i'm always on the lookout for recipes, though... is a great resource for all sorts of fun recipes AND a ton of delicious looking food. (i could browse there for a long time!)

my mother makes the best sweets in the world. seriously! she's always baking up these delicious concoctions and desserts--sometimes from new recipes, sometimes from recipes that have been in the family for ages. brownies, cakes, you name it! coming home to find a container of cookies on the kitchen counter? amazing!

of everything she bakes, i love her cookies the most. there are two types, in specific, that totally have my heart. the first? diamond cookies. oh. my. goodness. made with molasses (among other things), rolled up, and cut into a diamond shape (okay. really, they look more like... parallelograms), sprinkled with sugar, and baked in the oven until they're nice and brown--they smell great and taste even better! this is a recipe that has been around my family forever (i know that my grandma used to always make them). hopefully soon i will take on the challenge of baking these delicious cookies!

my other favorite kind of homemade cookie? good old chocolate chip. i mentioned earlier that my mom makes the best sweets in the world and her chocolate chip cookies most definitely fall into that category. (she makes the best that i've ever had!) they're always so sweet, usually baked for just the right amount of time so they're soft, but not too soft. the best part about these cookies? she doesn't use a recipe, or anything like that--she makes them entirely from scratch, entirely off the top of her head--and they're still perfect. (i mean, i can't say that i'm entirely surprised by this fact; like anything, if you do it long enough, it'll become second nature. it's more that they come out the same almost every time and they're always so delicious!)

here's to moms everywhere--may you continue to be blessed with creativity and happiness in the kitchen. keep making those treats, please! your kids will love you for it. <3

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