Wednesday, January 27, 2010


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Day 25 → Your day, in summary
Day 26 → A song you'll love forever
Day 27 → This month, one year ago

this month, one year ago...
i was twenty. balancing on
the edge of twenty and
twenty-one, actually. i
had just started the
hardest semester of my
college career. i was
a few weeks away from the
one year anniversary of
something i would, most
of the time, just rather

forget. but. it happened,
and so i remembered. i
was also a month away
from a trip i had been
waiting to take for years
(and let me tell you, it
FAR exceeded my
expectations. amazing.)
i was cautious about the
future, cautious and excited.

one year later, life is pretty
damn great. i can't wait to
see what happens in the
next year.


  1. vegas!
    my parents had been talking about taking me to vegas once i turned twenty-one since i was like... 15 or 16. haha. it was a trip for them just as much as it was a trip for me, since my dad also turned 50 last year. :) we flew off and gallivanted out in the desert one spring weekend and it was wonderful. <3