Monday, April 5, 2010


just finished a paper for my early
english lit class. by my calculations,
that means i have approximately
two papers left to write in my
undergraduate career.

just two.

so strange! here i am, somewhere
i've been before: it's spring, it's
raining, i'm sick (which always happens
when the weather changes), and my
paper is edited and ready to go.

writing papers has been a huge
part of my life for the last four
years (as it is often the end result
of pages and pages of novels
and poems and plays read for
class) and while occasionally
i might have complained,
whined, put it off, what have

in a mere five weeks it's coming to
an end. and while i'm really excited
(as it means i'll have time to do
all the reading i want--and it won't
be homework!) and really terrified
(i still don't have a job, but i'm
crossing my fingers), i think i'm really
gonna miss it.

...until grad school, that is.

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