Wednesday, June 2, 2010


when i was a kid, i had about a million different answers to the question "what do you want to be when you grow up?" it changed depending on the week, or what movie i'd watched, or whatever crazy idea i came up with (i had quite the vivid imagination). here's a brief overview of this list:
  • doctor
  • teacher
  • professional ice skater--oh yes; i took basic lessons in 4th grade.
  • veterinarian
  • architect
  • equestrian
...and so on. by the time i got to high school, i was pretty sure i had it figured out: i would become a teacher. at the time i was leaning toward becoming an english teacher, though i considered teaching art a possibility. this was my plan. was being the operative word.

after a few semesters of college, i realized that teaching was not, in fact, part of the plan (at least right now). i dropped t-cert and, in the first semester of my junior year, added a minor in journalism. that 16 weeks was as long as it lasted--while i love writing more than almost anything, i am not sure if traditional journalism is really right for me. i also started taking thai that semester, and, in the spring, picked up a minor in southeast asian studies.

so... that became the plan. in the future, i am planning on spending at least some time overseas. i mean, it would be a shame not to, after two years of thai classes! i have a bachelors degree in english, which is pretty awesome i think. i'm hoping to go to grad school--i haven't decided what i'm going to study, but library and information science is high up there on the list, as well as a few other possibilities.

for now, though? it's summertime and i couldn't be happier. i had an interview yesterday and i start at my new job next week! i'm pretty excited for it. i think it' s going to be a challenge but i'm completely up for it. i'm also looking forward to another summer in this sleepy college town, adventuring all over, doing some wedding planning, and spending plenty of time with dear friends.

(hello, life. can't wait to see what you have in store!)

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