Friday, July 2, 2010


it can't be july already, can it? i swear, i just got engaged, just graduated, just went to vegas. we're in the midst of a humid, rainy summer and just over the course of a few days, life has changed drastically... but in a good way. i don't know. this is all still a little strange to me. also, i think it's only now just starting to sink in that i have a bachelors degree--which, by the way, is tucked away safely in its diploma cover on the top shelf of the entertainment center; i'm going to frame it eventually--and that, when the fall rolls around, i won't be buying textbooks and making my way to reavis for class.

i suppose it's time to grow up.

lately, i've been finding all of this great new music and rediscovering all the songs i used to love. oh, it amazes me how quickly those familiar melodies take me somewhere else. suddenly i'm transported to seventeen years old and a cold winter night, or the summer of 2006 (tall, tall trees and humid, sticky air), or a location way back in time, and the present just... disappears. i've always been fascinated by memory and cognition: bits and pieces of my past lingering in a certain smell, a song lyric, or the way the sky looks at dusk. maybe someday i'll really understand it.

"I'd like to tell you you're pretty and fine
Your face will smile and your eyes will shine

Someday some morning sometime

I'll build you a house all covered in vines

I'll bring you a nickel, I'll bring you a dime,

Someday some morning sometime"
-billy bragg & wilco, "someday some morning sometime"

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