Wednesday, August 18, 2010


the photographer and i are settling into this unexpected new chapter of our lives. a lot has happened and it's still fresh and raw and overwhelming but... we're dealing with it. believe me when i say we made the right decision and that we are happy, much happier than we've been in weeks. everything will be just fine. (and you know, i've never loved him more.)

the interview--which ended up being rescheduled for yesterday--went incredibly well. so well, in fact, that i was offered the job! monday is my first day. i am nervous, but also really excited. it reminds me of the nervous excited that comes with the first day of school... and since this is the first time that i won't have a first day of school in over sixteen years, i am welcoming it with open arms. (strange, i know. i'll share my thoughts on that eventually... it hasn't quite sunk in just yet.)

on another note, wedding planning is going quite smoothly! i couldn't be happier with how well all the details are starting to come together... and i can't wait 'til next june. it's shaping up to be an amazing day!

because i am missing the mountains and feeling a bit of wanderlust:

(may 13, 2010.)

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