Sunday, September 19, 2010


so friday morning, the photographer and i headed downtown (and consequently almost died twice due to horrible driving). we parked and eventually met up with my big brother south of congress. he'd flown in on a red eye from out west and was spending the day roaming the city before meeting up with my little brother (who had class all morning) and going to the dave matthews band show at wrigley. i couldn't miss the opportunity to see my big bro, and i was also missing my little bro, so it was a great day.

we walked around the city and enjoyed the beautiful weather; there seriously wasn't a cloud in the sky. at the boeing building, the photographer got yelled at by a security guard for taking pictures (go figure). eventually we made our way to ogilvie, where we waited for the younger one. after he arrived, we got lunch and chatted for a while. it was the first time the three of us had been together (plus the photographer) in months, and it was so good to see both of them. all too quickly, we had to head back up to lake county... c. was on a mission and j. was meeting his darling girlfriend so we all parted ways. i wish we would have had more time to hang out, but we'll get that chance eventually. awesome day.

then today... i worked for nine and a half hours. and it was a very busy nine and a half hours. but... it's over with now, and i think i did a fairly decent job. we'll see what happens.

tomorrow... more work? on call, hoping i don't have to go in 'til later on in the day. (we'll see.
oh, september.)

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