Thursday, September 23, 2010


the other day we took our first official road trip in the photographer's new car.
we both ended up with the day off--something i think might be a rare occurrence; we have opposite days off this week--so we hopped on the interstate and headed down to visit the lovely s. at her new home south of kankakee. it was a nice two and a half hour drive (that brought us almost to indiana, actually) and a completely different world from where we'd come from.

it was a wonderful visit. we sat and talked for a while; she made dinner, which was delicious, and later we went on a walk down us highway 52, watching the lightning a couple miles away. we ended the adventure sitting around the fire pit, located just off the house, in the wide-open backyard. it was so good to see her, and hopefully it won't be too long before we see each other again.

homeward bound--
we traveled north, toward the glowing horizon:
the twinkle of industry and opportunity, punctuated
by bolts of lightning and the rumbling thunder.

the rest of this week has been pretty uneventful... mostly i've just been and hanging out at home. i'm glad it's the weekend, though! i have today off, so i popped into work and grabbed (500) days of summer and up in the air. in fact, i just watched summer... it was really cute! zooey deschanel is adorable, of course, and it had a good mix of happy and sad. i'm still sorting out how i feel about the ending, but overall i'd say it was definitely worth the watch!

tomorrow i'm working and attending a certain birthday party in the city, and sunday i work again. and then... it's monday. it's almost october, which is strange. the weather's been really warm the last few days, like summer's still holding on. i'm ready for sweatshirt weather and pumpkin spice lattes--had one the other day and it was amazing--and crunchy leaves beneath the soles of my shoes. (it's time.)

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