Friday, November 26, 2010


i arrived in town late wednesday night, smiling as i pulled into the driveway. there’s always something about coming back. i may not call this white ranch-style house home anymore, but it will always be that: home. no matter where i go or where i end up in life, i will always find comfort in these walls, in the plush living room couches and colorful pastel quilt in my bedroom, in the christmas lights hanging outlining the roof and my parents welcoming me back. it will always be home.

i don’t make it out this way as often as i’d like to these days, but it has been a perfect visit. spent yesterday with family, eating too much delicious food and drinking wine and telling stories and laughing. it was exactly where i wanted to be. after dinner, we went to the house of our dear family friends, and finally, i ended the night with one of my best friends, gossiping and discussing wedding details and life in general.

then, today, i got up (relatively) early and went black friday shopping with another wonderful friend of mine, one that i’ve known for years and years. we hit up a few places and while i didn’t pick up a whole lot of stuff, i can officially say that i got my christmas shopping started, at least! it was so good to see her, and to meet her boyfriend. since i got back, i’ve mostly been spending time with my little brother… had lunch from beefaroo, one of our favorite local fast food joints, and watched some quality television. later i will pack up and head back to the suburbs… eventually.

all in all i’d say it’s been a successful trip. i am grateful to have such amazing people in my life. i am thankful for the love of family, of incredible friends, of good food and good times. i am energized and ready to see what december will bring.

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