Friday, January 28, 2011


it has been quite a while. i mean, it's almost february--when did that happen? i will be the first to admit that i have neglected this little corner of the world wide web. i haven't disappeared, though; i've just found myself over at here & there & everywhere much more often. i post all the time there.

i should come back here more often, though.

life is good. work is going well--had my first review, which went fantastically. looking forward to growing and improving and learning even more. wedding planning is also moving along smoothly... we have the venue and the menu and a DJ and a honeymoon destination. sometimes i can't even believe that it's only 5 months away. it'll fly by before i know it. (after all, i've been at my "new job" for nearly three months now!)

looking forward to spring, getting a little tired of this chicagoland winter. listening to lots of music like this and this to get me through. can't wait for blue skies, growing leaves, grass. it won't be too long. after all, it's already almost february.

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