Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(photo courtesy of my lovely sister.)

our wedding is 46 days away...
and we still haven’t picked out a song for our first dance.

this is something we’ve been hashing out since the very beginning. it’s a big deal, you know. it’s the first dance. really our first opportunity for formal dancing ever, since we met after high school and didn’t attend formals in college. so it’s gotta be just the right song, and it has to be perfect.

but we’re still going in circles over it. some suggestions are serious, some are more lighthearted and silly (led zeppelin’s “all of my love” has been mentioned multiple times, with varying degrees of sincerity). i am self-admittedly indecisive and i know this is probably not helping anything. we just… we don’t have one song. we have multiple songs, from all across the spectrum, some more appropriate for a wedding than others, of course. so to narrow it down, to pick just one, is providing quite the challenge.

luckily, we still have 46 days to figure it out. and it’ll be perfect, whatever it ends up being.

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