Thursday, January 5, 2012


(the first day; sunset.)

at cruising altitude, it is hard to tell where the ground starts and the sky ends.  the only indications are the glitter of towns below, yellow and white lights blinking in formation like the nighttime constellations above.

it is moments like this one, sailing in solitude through the air, that fear--fear of heights of falling, of sudden inexplicable death--dissipates and gives way to a quiet calm.  down below, orion, the big dipper, and the very galaxy itself appears along interstates, suburbs, and riverbanks.

just like everything else, it seems, our flight back home was almost perfect.  even though it was delayed by almost two hours, traveling west and taking in the sights of the city on the lake, passing by amidst clear, cool skies.

we spent new year's eve celebrating, living it up, and new year's day heading back to familiar territory, to the future and whatever 2012 might bring.  (a vacation to remember, indeed.)

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