Tuesday, April 10, 2012


last night, i finally finished week four of couch-to-5k!
i actually spent two weeks on this workout...  since i went on vacation and didn't run for a week, i figured i could use a bit of a refresher.
anyway, here's part one, days one through three.

day one [3.8.12]:
i expected you to be more difficult!  here's the rundown.  when i read the description, i got a little freaked out: run 3 minutes; walk 90 seconds; run 5 minutes; walk 2.5 minutes; run 3 minutes; walk 90 seconds; run 5 minutes.

it was tough at times, mostly during the first 3 and 5 minute running intervals.  especially the 5 minute one.  halfway through, well...  i almost wanted to stop, but i pushed on.  the second running turns were much easier and i am so glad i kept with it!  i got through the entire 31 minute workout (with warm up and cool down walks of course) and feel great!

i mean, i can't even remember the last time i ran for five minutes consecutively, until now, that is.  and now i want more.  i think i'll be in better shape when i thought possible when this is all said and done.  i'm definitely keeping my eyes on the prize.  almost halfway through... i can't believe it!

day two [3.11.12]:
well, today's workout was a bit of a challenge.  i wasn't feeling entirely motivated, so i kept telling myself that i should just go and that i'd probably feel better about everything.  so...  we went and it was tough.  i wanted to stop.  i really thought about quitting and trying again tomorrow.

but... another part of me wanted to keep going, and i kept telling myself to just keep running.  so i did.  and i made it.  i got through and i am so glad i stuck with it.  as predicted, i felt great after i'd finished and had a chance to catch my breath, and i don't regret it now, either.  i keep reading on fitness and couch-to-5k forums that you never regret a run you did, only the ones you didn't do.  w4d2 was my hardest day yet, i'd say, but i made it and i can't wait for day three!

day three [3.13.12]:
it was so nice out after i got home from work that i decided to do day three's run outside!  i'm so glad spring is here.  i laced up my shoes, put on my headphones, and hit the road for a run around the neighborhood.  it really does get easier and easier every time, though i know there are still challenges that lie ahead for me.

pretty uneventful run.  i made it back just as the sun was going down, and just in time for dinner!  i leave for vacation in the morning, and am planning on putting c25k on hold for the week.  when i get back, i'll probably do week 4 again for good measure.  in any case, i'm going to be running a 5k before i know it!

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