Friday, April 20, 2012


Hotel Tropical Garden… our lush oasis, our home away from home.  A collection of villas tucked away from the bustling main thoroughfare, it was the perfect choice for us and, frankly, one of my favorite places I’ve ever stayed at.

Apparently, in its heyday, it was one of the luxury resorts in Jaco.  All of the architecture appeared to be pre-war, and the fact that it didn’t seem to have been recently renovated was part of its charm.  Now, Hotel Tropical Garden is a hostel, with affordable rates and a young, friendly staff.

Upon our arrival, we were given keys for unit #2.  After hours of that travel (at that point, we had been on the go for about 12 hours or so), we were grateful to settle in and relax.  We brought our luggage in from the car and surveyed our surroundings.

It was simple, yet spacious, exactly what we needed.  The kitchenette and bathroom were both neat and clean.  There were pots and pans and dishes and silverware stacked on the shelves, waiting for our use (and use them we did!).  The living area had two beds, a nightstand, a TV on a little table, and a combination closet and shelving unit.  As I said before, it was simple, but…  it was better than what I’d pictured.  We were home (at least for the next week).

When I think about our stay, what stands out the most to me?  Well, falling asleep to the distant roar of the ocean nearby and waking up early to the lilting songs of exotic birds.  Cooking ourselves a delicious holiday dinner complete with traditional local fare, both food and drink.  Lengthy drunken talks about life, death, and everything in between with my best friend, my other half, there on our front porch.  Watching a mid-afternoon thunderstorm from that very same place, relishing the cool air on our skin.

It was paradise, in every single meaning of the word. 

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