Monday, June 11, 2012


(From the travel notebook.)

Yeah, getting to Jaco was a bit of an adventure…  there are virtually no street signs in Costa Rica, so you have to look for names of towns.  We got directions from our rental car company to our destination, but we made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up traveling up and down through the mountains on this crazy, twisty-turny road.  It was a bit stressful but eventually we made our way to the road we should’ve been on the whole time.  Victory!  Smooth sailing from there.

So… Jaco.  Total beach town.  Lots of tourists mingling with the natives, or Ticos, fast food, local food, tourist shops, and more!  It’s totally a party town, too (which we did not investigate much last night as we were completely exhausted).  We’re staying at Hotel Tropical Garden, this old place on the main drag.  We got checked in, and after a loooong day of travel, settled in.

It’s a nice place!  It’s the kind of room our parents would probably stayed at back in the day, but they’d agree that it’s perfect for us.  There’s everything we need, it’s safe (there’s a guard around at night, and the car is parked behind a gate), and we have private access to the beach, which… holy shit!

We went to the beach last night and frolicked about in the ocean during the sunset.  Everything about it was amazing!

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