Sunday, June 24, 2012


(photo by my talented husband, who has a new website.
you should check it out here.)

just as i suspected all alone, june is flying by.  the summers always do, you know.  it's been a busy month, too--the mister and i celebrated our first wedding anniversary, he started a temp job downtown, i  changed responsibilities at work, and we've just been busy with life in general...  but it's a good sort of busy.  summer has always been a favorite time of mine, and so far, this one has been quite great.

my challenge to write thirty poems this month has gone pretty well!  i've been late on a few days, but i have six more to go, and i think i'll be able to stay on track.  it's been a wonderful little exercise for me and i think it will help me to be more inspired to write poetry in the future.  i really have missed it.

couch-to-5k is also moving along nicely...  tomorrow is the start of week eight!  i'll be writing up a week seven update soon.  i don't know if i'll quite finish by the end of june, but i know i'll be pretty close!  after all, there are only two weeks left.  i am so glad i stuck with it, even though it certainly hasn't been easy.  couch-to-5k has turned me into a runner, and i know i'll only get better with time. 

all this to say, life is good.  you know, this is the 200th post of this blog.  200, wow.  this blog has turned into quite the outlet for me, and i am so happy to have it.  my life has been pretty serendipitously amazing, and i love having a place to document and share it.  two hundred blog posts, almost three years later, here we are!  i can't wait to see where the next two hundred blog posts take us.

here's to an absolutely lovely june, and an even better july.

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