Friday, July 6, 2012


it's that time again... here's the recap for couch-to-5k week seven!

day one [6.17.12]:
week seven!  week seven!  finally.  day one is 25 minutes, or 2.5 miles of running, no walking.  i am still running at a much slower pace, so it was probably closer to 1.75-2 miles for me, this time.  i'm still building up my stamina, and as always, i know that speed will come in time!

i took a few short walking breaks throughout the run (mostly to drink some water) but i ran probably 20 out of 25 minutes, which isn't too bad!  my knees and ankles felt great--no random pains like the other day.

after the run, i rode 4 miles on the stationary bike, almost 20 minutes.  ah, it was a good way to start out the day.  looking forward to day two...going to try and do it without any walking intervals.  i'm starting to feel more comfortable, and much more recovered from my time away from running (thanks to the flu and whatnot).  can't wait to tackle the next challenge!

day two [6.20.12]:
worked late and i almost didn't want to go to the gym but, as usual, i did it and i came out happier for it!    day two is the same as the first day, and at 25 minutes, i should be running 2.5 miles or so.  i'm running somewhere closer to a mile and a half, not quite two miles.

i am getting there, though!  this time i ran 22 out of 25 minutes, and on day three (which is the same as the first two), i really hope that i will be able to run the entire 25 minutes.  i started strong but faded a bit in the second half...  i need to find a rhythm and work on keeping it.

anyway, i got through it and after the cool-down walk, called it a night and headed for home.  decent enough workout, i'll say!  here's to day three.

day three [6.23.12]:
so, day three was the same as the first two--25 minutes, 2.5 miles.  i decided at the end of the second day that i would run the whole thing, and i went into the workout positive that i could make it happen.

well... 25 minutes passed, and i ran two miles without walking!  granted, i'm still running a bit slow (i think, anyway) but i did it!  practice makes perfect, that is my mantra.  i found a rhythm earlier on and i was able to keep it for most of the run.

now it's time for week eight.  day one is 2.75 miles, or 28 minutes.  seems slightly daunting, but... if i can run 25 minutes, what's three more?  i'll be running 3.1 miles before i know it!

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