Saturday, August 4, 2012


well, here we are.  the calendar has changed again and suddenly, it's august.  this summer has absolutely been flying by...  though i guess they always do!  i have been enjoying it, though, and am looking forward to seeing what august and september will bring.  after all, i love summer, but i love fall even more.

if you've been following my couch-to-5k adventure on facebook or via this blog, you may notice that my updates on that subject seem to have trailed off.  i had originally planned on finishing the program in june, then in july.  i was on track to make that second goal, but a little over a week ago (right at the end of the month), i was running on the gym when i tripped and fell.  fortunately, i only strained my right knee, and a little over a week later, it is feeling much better.  however, i felt that it would be best to take some time off of running, which brings us to august, and the last two days of the couch-to-5k program.

though it has taken much longer than i thought it would, i am incredibly proud of myself for making it as far as i have.  i am stronger and in better shape than i was at the beginning of the year, and i continue to see results today.  i anticipate that as i get back into running (which i am hoping to do next week), i will see that positive trend continue.  before i got injured, i was running 2.5 miles in 30 minutes, which isn't too far off pace.  it will likely take a little while to get to that pace and beyond, but i will get there eventually.  i am certainly not deterred.

i am hoping that week nine will go off without a hitch.  once i make it through, i plan on sharing not only the weekly recap, but also my thoughts on the program as a whole, as well as my plans for the future.  even though i've been working at this for a while, i know i still have so much further to go.  i look forward to continuing to progress, both as a runner and in good health.

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