Friday, September 14, 2012


(from last week; jane austen's persuasion and the first pumpkin spice latte of the season.)

and so, it's september.  the ninth month is always an interesting one for me... sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always an adventure.  this one has certainly been no exception to that.  i've been working a lot!  but it's great, because we're getting busy and i'm having fun and also preparing for some changes in my responsibilities (exciting!).  this time is my favorite time of the year, at work and at play, and i'm looking forward to seeing what sorts of goodness september and october will bring.

because already, fall is showing up here and there... just yesterday, i drove to work with the window down and a hot cup of coffee in my hand; the breeze was unmistakably crisp, and, paired with the cloudy, misty sky, it felt more like late october instead of mid september.  today it's in the low 70's and sunny, a more typical late summer day.  in either case, i am doing my best to soak it all up before autumn comes and goes and, all too soon, winter arrives in chicagoland.

it's the start of my weekend and so far it's looking equal parts relaxing and productive, which i have no complaints about!  doing some laundry now, working on some writing projects, then later, the mister and i are heading into the city for the evening.  as for tomorrow?  endless possibility, my friends.  here's hoping i'll have the chance to do a little reading and get a run or two in.  (also, more on running and couch-to-5k coming soon!)  so here's to the weekend, and the unpredictable goodness of september.

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