Thursday, June 20, 2013


Somehow, we're already halfway through June.  I mean...  the Summer Solstice is tomorrow, which just blows my mind.  I made a promise to myself that I would make the most out of these nice warm months, because from May-October is the best time of the year around here, and summertime is all about having fun and finding adventures everywhere.  We're still pretty early on in the season around here, but I'd say it's been pretty eventful so far, and the knowledge that there's even more fun on the way is the best part!

-Went to the Art Institute with the husband.  We checked out the Picasso exhibit and enjoyed a day in the city.  (This was early May, but I think it still counts!)

-Gone hiking in nearby forest preserves.  (Also, I cut my hair!)

-Attended the wedding ceremony and reception one of my dearest, oldest friends--my roommate from speech camp at NIU in 2005!  She is one of my favorite people on the planet and I am so glad we were there to celebrate with her.

(photos courtesy of the husband.)

-Participated in the Color Run in Chicago!  I wrote all about that experience here.  Rumor has it that they will be coming back to the Windy City sometime in the fall, so...  I'm signing up and doing it again!  

-And then, just yesterday, the husband, my little brother, and I all went to Six Flags Great America!  The park was fun, but I just can't ride roller coasters the way I used to and spent the better part of a few hours nauseous and slightly disoriented.  We made up for it as the day progressed and it was great to hang out with another one of my favorites.

So far, so good!  Keep it up, summer!

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