Friday, September 11, 2009


i'm three weeks into my senior far, so good. (senior year...that's still weird to say.) i like all of my classes at least a little bit, though the english classes & thai have stolen my heart. nothing too difficult or too easy...just a nice middleground. (has it already been three weeks?)

the weather the last week has been particularly lovely, although it would be warm and sunny and actually nice out when i have to be stuck in a classroom all day. still i'm enjoying it when i can, and i'm looking forward to being outside this weekend, between all of the reading and thai studying of course.

there are lots of exciting things coming up...hanging out and possibly going to a show/celebrating my old roommate's 21st birthday (finally!) and then, in a few weeks, dave matthews band and then two weeks later, they might be giants! ahh, i can't wait. and besides that, this is my favorite time of the year. late summer into autumn, the leaves just barely beginning to change, brisk breezes, earlier twilights. i'm really hoping for an indian summer.

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