Thursday, October 1, 2009


today is the first day of october.

(it's weird how quickly time slips between my fingers. i'm pretty sure it was just july, and the end of the semester before that, and i'm fairly certain i turned 21 last week, not almost seven months ago. holy shit. sometimes i wish i had a way to pause time, just for a moment. life is passing me by a little more quickly than i would like. i guess that's what happens when you grow up.)

it's the first day of october and it's definitely fall... today was pretty cold & rainy & miserable and it's looking like it'll be that way for the next few days, but i have hope that the sunshine and autumn skies will be back again soon. lately i've been craving apple cider and bonfires and crisp breezes, falling leaves. (this is, in my opinion, the best time of the year.)

i'm really glad tomorrow is friday (it's been a long week. they've all been long, for the most part.) tomorrow the bff is coming in from the city to hang out--so excited! tomorrow, also, is the day on which we find out who will get the 2016 olympics. hmm. saturday we're hoping to go to devil's lake but if the weather is bad we'll probably just stay in d-town. midterms are next week, anyway--i have two, southeast asian politics on wednesday and thai on thursday. (next week is already midterm? woah.)

today i got a new paper journal, new pens, and new pillows. i am a happy girl.

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