Wednesday, October 14, 2009


halfway through october, already. so far it's been mostly cold, mostly overcast. everything's still changing colors, though, and despite the weather i'm still finding ways to love fall. (i can't help but miss summer, though, at least a little bit... it went by so quickly! late august, september...the season was really quite good to me.)

friday night my sister's staying over; saturday morning she is taking the pcat. i'm really'll be nice to hang out! i'm so looking forward to the weekend; it's been quite the week. (halfway through week eight, already.)

tonight the photographer and i had grilled ham & cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner (he went with the chicken & wild rice, while i opted for tomato). it was so good, so perfect for a chilly autumn night--in a way it reminds me of home.

for now, though...
time for daily show/colbert report with the photographer. (hooray!)

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