Sunday, February 7, 2010


the last few days have been pretty emotional, but we've gotten through it. i don't know. it really makes you realize how precious life really is. (no parents should have to bury their child. no boy should have to say goodbye to his fiancee.) this girl was loved and she loved with everything she had. i only hope i can do the same.

it was a beautiful church
(the light was just right).
it was a beautiful day. those
familiar melodies rang through
the air and he wept. suddenly,

i couldn't breathe. my heart
was caught in my throat, pulse
pounding in my ears. suddenly,
i was lost, trying to find my
way (swept through four years

in an instant. later, we held
each other tight, grateful for
every moment. we ride the
waves of sadness, of grief, of
all-consuming love and desire,

holding on for dear life).

a toast to you--
may you live on,
sweet girl,
inspiring us all to
do better.

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