Wednesday, February 10, 2010


well today has been interesting...

there was an earthquake this morning! oh yes, you read that right. it was a 3.8 magnitude quake that happened north of here and... i slept right through it. the photographer was awake, though (he works late hours) and initially thought a snow plow was headed for our building; by the time he realized what was going on it was over. when he came to bed, he asked me if i'd felt the earthquake--i remember thinking "uhh...earthquake? what?" and telling him that i hadn't.

(interesting fact: it's actually the second earthquake i've been in. i mean it's unusual but not impossible and i think it's entertaining. too bad i slept through it!)

so in addition to that excitement,
i realized that there are 87 days until graduation.
this is both extremely exciting and incredibly terrifying.
ahh. it's not that far off!
(okay, i'm mostly excited and only a little scared
for now, anyway. i'm looking forward to the
next few months.)

i also wrote the first paper of the semester.
i feel like it was a success but i guess we'll
see when i get it back. the first one is
always the hardest, so i'm happy to be
past it!

we've had a lot of snow the last few days... ugh.
i'm pretty much ready for spring. i can't wait
for warmth! green grass, new leaves, blue skies.

today was a good day.

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