Monday, February 15, 2010


"summer comes to multiply." -bon iver

lately i have been really missing
warmth. i know, i live in the
midwest. i've lived in the midwest
my whole life, actually, so, you'd
think i might be used to it by now.

well, i am used to it, i guess, but...
i'm tired of it. i feel like it's been
cloudy and cold and gray for
months. i can't wait for spring!
for sunshine and warm breezes and
blue skies! i am so looking forward
to walking to campus, back from
campus, everywhere. to go
exploring and wandering again
without absolutely freezing my
ass off. a girl can only handle so
much cabin fever, but i've been
working through it. after all,

as my wonderful neighbor
j. said this evening, "we're in the
last stretch of winter. it's staying
lighter later!" little by little,
every day. oh, spring will be
great (it will be great indeed.)

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