Saturday, February 20, 2010


here we are, another weekend.
another week has passed me by.
(which means i'm another week
closer to graduating! woah.)

it was an interesting week, i guess.
it started with valentine's day--
otherwise known as the two year
anniversary of the shooting at my
university. it's weird; i look at
where i was two years ago and where
i am now, how far i've come since
that: probably the most traumatic
event of my life. and now? now
life is good. sunday was a really
good day.

monday, i had dinner at panera
with s. it was a wonderful time, as
always! wednesday, the photographer
and i ordered our new phones. thursday
night, i met k. for dinner at fatty's.
great food, and even better company.

early yesterday morning, an "isolated
incident" occurred on campus,
during which two individuals got
into a disagreement of sorts and
one of them shot the other. (sigh.)
they caught the guy who had the
gun, and the victim had non-life
threatening injuries. still,
obnoxious much? i really don't
want to deal with that. again.

(also, the news helicopters
woke me up.)

but the rest of yesterday was good.
i started reading a new book!
only revolutions by mark z. danielewski.
also, our phones arrived! i'm pretty much
in love. we slept in today and then he
went to work. the snow is melting, but
apparently we're under a winter storm
watch. i guess we'll see.

tonight, dinner with j. at the junction!
because really, it's been far too long.

"There's solace a bit for submitting
To the fitfully cryptically true

What's happened has happened

What's coming is already on its way

With a role for me to play"

-fiona apple

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