Friday, March 5, 2010


last thursday, i turned
twenty-two. it was
probably one of the best
birthdays i've ever had.

to begin with, the weather
was PERFECT. spring is
on its way & it's wonderful.
work was good and my
classes were interesting.

the photographer picked
me up after class and we
drove north for dinner:
olive garden! it was so
delicious, so great.

after dinner, we headed
back home and settled in
for chocolate lava cakes
and the office! (i was not
disappointed--it was
adorable!) eventually,
we decided to go to bed.

i felt so much love, had
so much love. twenty-two
is off to a really great start!

this weekend we went
home for a family birthday
weekend of sorts. dinner
was excellent & so was
spending time with my
little brother. we watched
burn after reading...i
so love that movie!

now we're back home,
enjoying this cloudy
monday. after all,
it's spring break!

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