Sunday, April 11, 2010


what a weekend!

the photographer worked on friday
night so i hung out with my dear
bff; it was nice. (& so wonderful to
see her, as usual!)

saturday, he had the day off so
we went for a drive! we started
out just outside rochelle & ended
up in mendota before we decided
to head back. we found a really
cool spot just off the state road,
due east of the wind farms. it
was pretty much awesome!

later, we got dinner and booze.
it was a fun, hazy night. the
weather was good. i think we
finally fell asleep around one,
maybe two.

yesterday: he went back to work.
i did homework, cleaned the
apartment, got a call about a job
interview (!!) and emceed the
thai association's first annual
thai culture night!

such a good time. i was nervous,
but it was actually a lot of fun.
the performances were amazing
and the food was incredible. i'm
really glad i was able to be a part
of it.

graduation countdown:
less than 30 days.



  1. sounds like fun! i hope your interview for panera went well! <3