Tuesday, April 20, 2010


18 days until graduation. 19 days until vegas.

so it's graduation tickets; figuring out gas mileages; studying for quizzes and exams; finding coolers, suitcases, and swimsuits; writing papers; making plans for our stay; looking for jobs (someone please hire me!); preparing for a week of chaos and fun; reading and reading as usual--right up to the end; making mix cd's and compiling playlists; checking my degree audit report (and checking it again); counting the days.

...counting the days. four years of college has been reduced to 18 days.
holy. shit.

i suppose i'm as ready as i'll ever be.

oh, and just so there's no question, i'm definintely ready for poolside frozen drinks, hikes in the desert, and staying up all night on the strip. in fact, the sooner i'm there, the better! it's time to celebrate!

recently, the photographer and i reopened our netflix account. having it last summer proved to be a great source of entertainment, so we figured, why not? it wasn't long before he made a rather awesome discovery: streaming netflix on the wii! he signed up for the disc and we waited, excited (and maybe even a little impatient). one evening last week, i checked the mail to find that it had arrived--here it was, the netflix streaming disc in all its glory!

it turns out that netflix and the wii go great together. via this disc, we have the entirety of netflix's streaming movies, documentaries, and TV shows, right there at the push of a button. the first night, i spent probably 15 minutes going through everything on there. our instant queue is filled with movies and TV shows we love, as well as those we want to see. the photographer and i often find ourselves watching the office (lots of season 3 lately) as something to do to pass the time. personally, i've been getting hooked on the tudors... i mean, who doesn't love a good historical series? especially one with as much intrigue and passion and drama as the life of henry viii! but... i digress. the streaming disc, in my opinion, totally justifies the monthly fee. i think it's something we'll keep around our apartment for quite some time!

(disclaimer: netflix is not paying me to say any of this. i just love the streaming disc & thought i'd share my own little review review of this awesome piece of technology.)

tonight: dinner with darling k. can't wait!
probably procrastinating, too, cause why not?
after all, i've only got a few more chances to do so! (hahaha.)

yeah. life is... good.

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