Friday, April 30, 2010


i've been taking so many pictures lately!
(i'm completely driven to document as much
of this life as i possibly can.)

so, yesterday was amazing!
a. i was published in towers again! the magazine is absolutely beautiful and i'm thrilled to have contributed in some way.
b. the fiance and i spent an evening in our favorite city and it was WONDERFUL.

we missed the train we originally planned on taking (due to road blocks... downed power lines and the like. the wind was ridiculous!) so we waited an hour and caught the next one. we got downtown and met j. near the train station. after some deliberation and then a change of plans, we arrived at our destination (winding through the heart of it all): the hancock building.

we took the elevator up 96 floors and found a table at the signature lounge. the view was incredible! as the sun sank lower in the sky, we shared a bottle of champagne, laughing and catching up. after the champagne, we ordered some more drinks and appetizers. as the sky grew darker, the city below twinkled in pale orange constellations.

we ended the night with ice cream cones from ghirardelli, parting ways just before the river. the wind had died down and we took our time back to the train station, enjoying it as much as we could. it was a late night but so totally worth it. (the perfect end to the first of many exciting weeks on the horizon!)

here we go!!
eight days til graduation.
nine days til vegas.

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