Saturday, May 8, 2010


okay so as of this morning
i am officially a college graduate!
walked across the stage, shook the
president of the university's hand,
and waved to my family as i took
my seat, diploma cover in hand.
it all happened SO fast and it
was such a rush but it's official...
i am the happy recipient of a
bachelors of arts in english
with a minor in southeast asian

then there was an attempt at
photos (it was so cold though!)
and a lovely brunch in our
cozy one-bedroom; later,
we went and enjoyed dinner
and a movie (superman with
my siblings & their lovely
significant others.) it was a
wonderful end to the day.

now? leaving for vegas in
less than 12 hours. i cannot
believe it's finally here! a
post-graduation road trip
out west with some amazing
people... what more could i
ask for?

updates when i can, otherwise
see y'all in a week.

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