Tuesday, May 25, 2010


next week, we will say hello to june--may is almost over! (there is a part of me that can't believe it... but on the other hand, time is always seeming to pass me by more quickly than i'm really aware of.) when i last left off, i was a brand new college graduate! the next morning we woke up, loaded the galant, grabbed some mcdonald's and got on the road to las vegas!

it was an amazing adventure. we drove straight through from our college town to vegas, stopping along the way for food and gas. i took the stretch of driving through the beginning of nebraska to kearney and then, later, hudson, colorado to somewhere in the rockies (thank you, random hailstorm!). the next day, after arriving in town, checking into our hotel, and taking a nap, our time on the strip finally began!

needless to say, we had an amazing time. wandering up and down las vegas boulevard, penny slots and comp drinks, poolside beers, trips to in-n-out, late nights, breakfast with family, scenic drives (an afternoon adventure to red rock national canyon), windy afternoons and warm desert air. it was exactly what we needed.

before we knew it, friday was upon us... time to head back to reality, to the other side of the mississippi. the scenery was beautiful and we enjoyed the ride through utah and colorado, loving the canyons and mountains. we spent the night in grand junction and left the next morning to make the drive back through the rockies and onward to home. at this point, i was sick with a wicked sinus infection and more than ready for my own bed. i was still able to appreciate the beauty in the drive, even through the seemingly flat nothingness of nebraska and iowa.

although we had an incredible time out west, we were happy indeed to be back in the land of lincoln. i spent most of the week after vegas trying to recover from being sick (over the weekend i finally started feeling better), trying to get an interview set up, and getting excited for the graduation/engagement party. it was SUCH a fun night, honestly. the weather was perfect and the company was amazing the photographer and i have also been working on some wedding plans... we set a date and found a place for the reception and have been slowly starting to sift through all of the details. (ahh! so fun.)

needless to say, i'm having a pretty great time being a college grad. while i may not have a job just yet, i am optimistic that in time, it will happen. i'm so excited for the next few months, for whatever my future might bring. i know life is going to be busy, but i wouldn't have it any other way. i've been waiting for summer, for bright, sunny days and comfortable, balmy nights.

i'm so glad it's finally here!

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