Thursday, July 8, 2010


admittedly i've been a little vague regarding everything that's been going on in my life in the last, oh, two or three weeks. this is mostly because the photographer and i have been trying to work out the situation, logistics and the like. but... now we have an itinerary of sorts, something solid and realistic. so.

the long and short of it is this: the photographer accepted a job working for his father. we're moving out of the sunny one-bedroom (how i will miss it) by the end of the month, if everything goes according to plan, and up to lake county. meanwhile, i will be firing up the employment search again... i left my job yesterday (which i'm terribly sad about, but it's a necessary step for us). there are many more opportunities in lake county than there are around our little college town, so i'm hoping it won't take too long for me to find something worthwhile. in a few months--after i find a job, after we get some money saved up--we'll be moving from his dad's house and into a place of our own, an apartment that will hopefully be just as sunny and cozy as our first one.

in other words, a complete change. a blank slate. a new town, new job, new life.

to be honest, i still can't believe it's actually happening, that this is the turn things have taken. i was not anticipating any of this. this is the most adult series of decisions that i've (that we've) ever had to make and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't scared, terrified that something might go wrong along the way. and yet... at the same time, i am SO incredibly excited, so ready to see what's waiting for us up head. this is it, the opportunity we've been waiting for. the chance to start our lives together.

so here we are, holding on tight. it's kind of like riding to the top of a rollercoaster lift hill: all that fear and uncertainty about what's going to be on the other side, tangled with anticipation and exhilaration... heart pounding, mind racing, letting go of our old selves and embracing this new adventure.

here we go.


weekday rush hour traffic:
making my way across the
(nearly) seventy miles that
separate us on a drizzly
early evening. pulling into
that familiar driveway an
hour and a half after leaving
home, happy to be back once

for you, i would sail the seven
seas. i would circumnavigate
the globe. no distance is too
great. i am a traveler, following
the other half of my heart.


  1. i am a traveler, following
    the other half of my heart.

    i love this poem <333

  2. thank you.
    been writing more prose than poetry lately but i'm getting back into it! glad you enjoyed this one. it was stuck in my head the whole ride there. <3