Friday, July 9, 2010


the last few nights, the photographer and i have gone on walks around the neighborhood that we'll soon be calling home (for the moment, anyway). making our way down waverly and wiltshire to a soundtrack of crickets and frogs, i couldn't help but notice how all of the houses looked even more alike than they do during the day--like i could have been in any subdivision, in any town, in any state.

it's completely different being there and being in the college town we've come to love... we've decided to take this weekend for cleaning and packing. earlier this week, i took the first few boxes over to store in my old bedroom; all of my books--all except a few--in crates until i have a more permanent home for them. oh, we're actually moving!

i'm actually starting to get really excited about it. i mean. there's really nothing here for us anymore. which. is weird to say. i lived here for four years! i look back on the last twenty-two years of my life and the absolute best and absolute worst moments of my life happened here. i am so different from the girl i was when i showed up here and i wouldn't (really, probably couldn't, even if i wanted to) change a thing.

but... i'm done with undergrad. neither of us work in the area anymore. it's time for a change of scenery. i'm applying for jobs and we're looking for apartments. this feels right; this feels like the next logical step. so i sit here, wrapping these picture frames in newspaper, putting them in this cardboard box, waiting patiently for whatever the future has in store.


  1. i'm excited for you! i think the move & everything will be a good change :))

  2. thanks! i'm excited for you, too, love.
    so much change in our lives right now! <3