Thursday, July 15, 2010


another friday is upon us, which means that another week has flown by!
this one has been busy, indeed...

monday: went to an interview. hopefully i'll hear back today? crossing my fingers!
tuesday: met the photographer and his dad at work--found the truck at a dealership not too terribly far from where he grew up--to get the mail key; drove to the apartment; did some packing; went to the leasing office to turn in the rent check and sign the re-leasing agreement; visited my former co-workers at the library; went back to the leasing office; did more packing; cleaned out my desk; had dinner with s. (which was amazing as usual); more packing and loading the car; drove back to the house; SLEEP.
wednesday: okay so... didn't really do a whole lot. to my credit, tuesday was exhausting and i spent most of the day relaxing.
thursday: met the photographer and his dad for lunch (and to drop off some sale flyers); did some laundry; applied for a bunch of jobs; hung out with the photographer; went to bed early.

which brings us to today & the weekend! i have plans for laundry, writing, applying for a few more jobs, and, later, pizza (a friday night tradition in this household). tomorrow we're going to the apartment to do more packing and cleaning, and sunday? sunday, i'm going dress shopping with my mom and my aunt and darling b... so so excited for that.

it's shaping up to be a good few days!


  1. where was your interview? glad you're having a good week! :)

  2. i had an interview at a starbucks around here. oh, i'd so love to work there. :) they didn't call me back today, though, so it looks like i'll be giving them a call next week.

    got a call today, too, to come in and interview for a customer service rep position at a company around here, but the hours are TERRIBLE (2:30pm-11pm) and i would never see the boy. i think i've decided that going in would just be a waste of their time. i'm in a position right now where i can hold off until i find a better job, so that's what i'm going to do. :)