Thursday, July 29, 2010


so lately i've been feeling like my life is kindof... out of sorts, in a constant state of disarray. i suppose it's to be expected--after all, i've had a bit of a crazy month! i just wish i could... settle, i guess. right now we're technically living in two places: here in the suburbs and down in college town. i'm still looking for employment (had some interviews already) and the photographer is still trying to get used to his new job.

everything just feels so up in the air.

i know that none of this is permanent, though. i know we're experiencing a transition, that these things are necessary. cleansing, even. already the wheels are in motion--on saturday, we're turning in the keys to the sunny one-bedroom and officially becoming residents of lake county. soon we'll be looking for a new apartment. and the job thing? i know it will work out--who knows, maybe today's interview will have been successful. if it is? awesome! and if not? there is a job out there for me somewhere.

everything will fall into place, soon enough.

things i currently love, in no particular order:

the big chill
interstate drives during sunset
lake county forest preserves
mad men
--cannot. get. enough.
reading for pleasure, not for school (!)
writing & writing

july, you came in like a lion
and roared all month long.
so, here's to august: may you
be calm, cool, and collected.

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