Friday, August 6, 2010


so... the photographer and i are officially lake county residents (again, in his case). this last weekend we finished packing and cleaning and turned in the keys to our (old) apartment. yesterday i drove down there and picked up my bike, the last of our belongings there. i know i've pretty much been living here for the last month, but... this is all still a bit strange to me. i mean. i lived in that college town for four years. it's the first place i've ever lived on my own, and the longest i've spent living anywhere besides the house i grew up in.

but i was thinking about it yesterday as i was driving down I-88, listening to led zeppelin and pink floyd on 97.1, and it occurred to me that life, my life, is playing out how i always wished it would. sure, some of the details are a little askew and unknown right now, but... i have a degree in english. i'm living in chicagoland. i'm getting married next summer. the job, the living situation, everything else i'm worrying about and stressing out over? it will work itself out, because it always does. i'm happy, and i think i'm right where i'm supposed to be.

this weekend: interview tonight (hopefully THIS will be the one that sets me down the right path... i am optimistic). going to my parents' tomorrow. checking out a possible wedding venue (!!). more reading, more writing, endless possibilities as usual.

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