Thursday, August 26, 2010


a few things i love about living in lake county & chicagoland (in no particular order):
  1. close proximity to a number of interstates & trains.
  2. chicago radio stations, particularly 94.7 and 97.1. i was able to pick up chicago stations while living in that college town in the middle of the cornfields, but they were often overpowered by frequencies from rockford/rochelle/etc, static-y and the like. now i get all chicago (and a few milwaukee) stations, all the time!
  3. some of my closest friends in the city are less than an hour away (and the city = one of my favorite places in the whole world.)
  4. chicago style pizza and legit italian beef sandwiches--giordano's and tony's subs, i'm talking to you.
  5. the flagship walgreens. "it's like the nicest walgreens ever." -the photographer.

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