Wednesday, September 15, 2010


went out for lunch with the photographer
the other day & my fortune cookie fortune read:

"the sky's the limit this month."

with words like that, how could one not
be optimistic? (i'm crossing my fingers and
hoping for the best.)

the other night i rented & watched
away we go. SO adorable.
john krasinski and maya rudolph
are perfect as burt and verona, two
soon-to-be parents looking for a
new place to call home. it's
a journey that leads them all around
the country, meeting old friends and
putting each location up to the test.
i loved every moment: happy, sad, and
in between. the cinematography is great,
the soundtrack is lovely, and the story?
it's cliche, but i adored it completely:
i laughed and cried and sighed with
contentment. this is one i'd definitely

when i was driving to work earlier today for
my evaluation, i couldn't help but notice the
trees on route 45: vivid greens, with hints
of fading color--red and orange, just barely
there. i guess it's finally beginning to look
like fall around these parts.

speaking of which, i think we have to
make it a goal to get up to devil's lake
before winter. we've got the sticker
on the car, after all, and it's been quite
a while since our last visit. last time, it
looked like this:

(oh, such a happy day! we are
certainly long overdue for an
adventure like this. can't wait
for the next few weeks, for

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