Thursday, September 9, 2010


i drove to work tonight at sunset
(a dusky and gorgeous palette of
oranges, blues, purples, and grays)
with classic rock coming through
the speakers and the chill of
summer's ending in my bones.
oh, it's getting darker earlier
these days and colder, too, but
i've said it all before and i'll say
it again: i couldn't be happier.

we're in the transition period.
this year is no exception, except
instead of getting adjusted to
school again after months off,
it's reality: it's adulthood. i'd
be lying if i said it's been easy,
going from school to the "real
world," but...

in a way it's actually kind of
nice being a so-called grown-up.
no more homework, no more
boring classes, trudging across
campus in less-than-pleasant
weather. instead, it's working,
reading and writing and loving,
spending time with family and
friends and doing my best to
love every single second of it:
the good and the bad and the in

after all, this is the only chance i
have. i better do it right.

so tonight, i'll play some bon iver
or maybe sufjan stevens--time for
the autumn/winter music to fall
back into the rotation--and read
carl sagan's contact until my eyelids
are too heavy. i'll sleep and wake up
in the morning, glad for another
opportunity to make it count.

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