Sunday, October 3, 2010


it's october. i can hardly believe it.

and yet, in the same breath, i'm not surprised at all.
time seems to have a way of sneaking up on me,
or slipping through my grasp before i realize it.
i mean, can it really be october already? i swear it was
july, just a few weeks ago; it was summer and hot and i
was still reveling in the "just-graduated-from-college"
feeling, among everything else.

october came in with falling leaves, crisp breezes, and promise.

now that it's officially over, i'm looking at
summer for what it was: a learning experience. i'm
still learning, actually. it's a delicate balance. part
of it is an acceptance issue; the life i'd always pictured
post-college and the reality of it are two completely
different things. it's a difficult thing to reckon with,
but i've come to the conclusion that it's okay. that i
can create a new path for myself, a new future. nothing
is ever set in stone, after all, and why shouldn't i see
what awaits me on that wide open road?

so i'm learning to be patient. striving to be grateful for
everything i've been given. it will all work out in the end,
it always does.

in other news, i'm now the
chicago outdoor recreation examiner
over at!

you can find my profile here,
and my first two stories here and here.

i'm excited for this new little adventure
and the opportunity to branch out in my writing
so check it out! (and thanks in advance. <3)

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