Tuesday, October 12, 2010


last week, the photographer and i both had thursday
off of work. this is a rare occurrence lately; he's
working almost full time and last week i worked
almost 35 hours, so we've been busy. anyway,
we hopped in the cavalier and made the drive
up to devil's lake. oh, it was SUCH a perfect day.
the weather could not have been any better.

we hiked the tumbled rocks trail
south along the shore of the lake
and walked back along the railroad
tracks (shh.) it was wonderful. there
was no place i would have rather been
at that moment than taking in that
brisk october air, the warmth of the
sun on my skin. devil's lake has always
been one of my favorite places on earth,
but this visit completely reinforced that
for me. oh, how i love it so! (hopefully
we can go back before all the leaves
fall, and if not, then perhaps a winter

looking for something fun to do in chicagoland
this upcoming weekend? check it out! :)

the other day i bought a new paper journal
and i've been feeling super inspired lately.
(finally.) i really like this change. i hope
it sticks around. i think autumn really
does a soul good, and i'm content in the
knowledge that everything will work out.
i couldn't be more sure of it.

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