Monday, February 28, 2011


tomorrow it's the last day of february. somehow, march is almost here and i can hardly believe it. i'm holding out for spring... lately it's been cold and even snowy (tonight, for example, it was sleeting and unpleasant). i know it'll be here soon, i'm just tired of winter.

went on a road trip with the photographer to visit my sister in missouri. we stayed at her adorable house and packed a whole bunch of fun and excitement into just two days. it was so good to see her, so good to spend time in sedalia and warsaw and kansas city. it was MUCH too short, of course, but the best trips always are and i am looking forward to seeing her again in may.

even though i still haven't done my taxes and i have to get the exhaust system replaced on my car (boo!), life is quite wonderful. i'm a pretty lucky lady.

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