Thursday, March 3, 2011


[a whirlwind missouri adventure, in two parts]

day one:
eight hours of driving,
four hours of sleep. we
wake up, eat belated
birthday cinnamon rolls,
and hit the road. (it seems
we’ve brought winter with us.)

truman lake—rainy and
cold—then the castle ruins
tucked in that wooded
precipice. forty-five minutes

and a drive down a
winding country road to
a green house. a tour,
catching up. “you look just
like your mother.” we tend
to the farm. dinner is served:

rosemary lemon chicken and
cheesecake for dessert. wedding
favors and lots of laughing and,
eventually, snowy travels home.

after quiet conversation and a
long, hot shower in a blue tiled
bathroom, we sleep (drifting into
sleep from a full and lovely


day two:
the weather is not much
better—of course! we
bundle up and hop in the
car. US highway 50 and

an hour and a half later,
we reach our destination. we
explore a beautiful college
campus, wandering in and out

of those halls of learning and
knowledge. (particular time
is spent in the library. endless
rows of stacks; familiar quiet

and reverence.) later, we
head downtown: lunch and
shopping at the plaza. it
starts to get dark and we

get back on the highway,
heading for home. then
it’s time for movies and pizza
and more conversation, more

laughing. tomorrow we’ll
head home, sad to be leaving,
but happy beyond measure for
the opportunity to catch up, for

the feel of the open road.

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