Sunday, June 26, 2011


so... as i mentioned previously,
my best friend and i got married.
two weeks from yesterday, actually.

it's amazing how quickly time flies. funny, too, when you consider how much time we spent preparing and longing and hoping for the day, the big day, to finally arrive, and then it finally did, finally.

and it was over just like that.
but it was the best day of my life, the best day of our lives.

i can remember every single detail as if it happened yesterday. it couldn't have been more perfect, more wonderful. sure, there were things that went wrong, but there are always things that go wrong. if anything those things that went wrong just made it all the more memorable. i don't think i've ever had as much fun as i did that day, promising to love him forever and seeing all of our closest friends and family and dancing the night away.

oh, so wonderful.

i'm working on documenting the events of the day in a journal, so i'll have it in tangible form forever. we'll have pictures, too, once the photographer is all done with the editing process. and everything we felt that very day? i'll never forget it--it'll stay with us forever. i feel really lucky to have so many long-lasting reminders of the best moment of my life, of our lives.

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