Tuesday, June 28, 2011


we were wed,
and then we spent a whole week in the desert.
oh, it was bliss. honestly. so relaxing, so entertaining, so fun!

we fell into a routine of staying up late and sleeping til 8 or 9 (thank you, central daylight time). we visited the buffet at treasure island more than once for breakfast and made sure to take advantage of the unlimited champagne brunch. we spent afternoons lounging in the pool, the jacuzzi, evenings in the suite, listening to music and enjoying the ability to unwind, to fully relax. we spent one day driving all around the valley in a white ford focus, finding all sorts of adventures. also, blue man group! and the best thai food i've ever had with my older brother. it was everything i'd hoped it would be, and more.

it was a blur: a happy, contented blur. we lost ourselves in it together.

...then, we found ourselves boarding a plane and heading back to chicagoland.
back to reality. we've got the photos, though, and the memories.
best vacation ever, hands down.

speaking of which...

(life is good.)

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