Friday, July 1, 2011


it's july 1st!

…already. slow down, summer!

lots of fun things on the horizon:

tonight: SUMMERFEST! with j. and v. going to see girl talk. AHH. also get a drink with my parents, who are going to be up there as well but for a different show;
an entire 4th of july to do whatever i so choose;
the annual jimmy buffett party/mom’s birthday bash at my parents’ house next weekend;
more trips to state parks and forest preserves;
a going away party, which is not really all that fun, but fun because i love my friends and haven’t seen them since the wedding.

among other things. and of course, those plans we haven’t even come up with! so far, it’s been absolutely amazing. i’d say it almost rivals the summer of 2006 which was, if i do say so myself, really rather epic.

i’ve also been reading a lot, and writing even more. i’ve got ideas regarding that, too, but am keeping them under wraps at the moment. just know that lately i’ve been feeling incredibly inspired, and i’m taking advantage of it.

in short, i couldn’t be happier.

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